Marianne gifted me with the face and  life history of my grandmother. For so many years my grandmother had been just a name. Marianne is very thorough and treats sensitive information with discretion. She maintains direct contact with the client to ascertain the depth of information that is to be included in the final reporting. She has full confidence in the data she obtains in her investigation and that is clear from the final report provided.
The pleasure she has in the investigation of the historical details for the client/contractor is mirrored in her willingness to go to the greatest lengths possible to obtain the relevant information.
I was very happy that it was her who did the research for me.
Kathinka Fortuin
Marianne Timmerman-de Kroon,
I wish to express my appreciation for the swift and thorough manner in which you were able to bring to light all the data about Johan Louis  Adolf Karres (*1903). Jan Karres had been an enigmatic figure for a long time. That he had existed, had long been assumed. However there were no living persons who could in fact confirm his existence. Investigation in his hometown of Steenbergen proved fruitless. Research in the Municipal records in that town  - despite serious effort – did not provide any evidence of his existence. For many decades Jan’s very existence remained in doubt. When you were asked to make an attempt to discover the details of the life of Jan Karres, you were able to provide us very quickly with a fully documented detail of his - albeit short lifetime.
From this it is obvious that an expert can ascertain these spectacular results in a digitalised data world of archival material.
Drs. E. Frens -Redeman
Hi Marianne,
I am over the moon with what you have discovered on my behalf. Thank you so very much! I cannot tell you just how grateful I am. I thoroughly enjoyed your report. What surprised me was that Antoon was so short of stature.  But in our family we are all quite short. We also have dark hair.
Once again many thanks, with kind regards,
Anne Michaelis

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