Genealogical Research

Our departure point for the research can be any ancestor as long as this person was living in the Netherlands. We only focus on ancestors in the Netherlands as our expertise lies with the archival system of the Netherlands. If he or she lived in the 20th century, the chance that a full report on the family tree or ancestor line can be delivered, is almost 100%. Most of the time our research  goes back to at least early 19th century and often well into the 18th century. If your ancestor lived in an area where old church records are still available, we can even go back into the 17th century. All depends upon the place he or she lived in, as every town’s archive maintains different contents relative to the past, and wars and fires might have destroyed repositories.
We will provide you with as many scans as possible of the following:
  • Birth certificates
  • Baptism certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Other documents
Furthermore, we will deliver:
  • A background of the time where your ancestors lived in
  • Pictures of places where your ancestors lived
  • A GEDCOM file
A GEDCOM file is a file  for exchanging genealogical data between different software programmes. With that file you can import the data we have discovered for you into a genealogical programme of your choice. You can publish your family tree online if you wish. Find Dutch Ancestors will never publish your family tree.

If you have already discovered a part of your tree and you have hit a brick wall (i.e. it is unclear where to look further), or you need assistance in your research in the Netherlands, please send your request through the contact form (link) to Find Dutch Ancestors.
When reporting, Find Dutch Ancestors adheres strictly to the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) of the Board of Genealogists to ensure that your Family tree has the proper proof of authenticity. (link:

To start your journey with Find Dutch Ancestors or to ask a question, please fill in the contact form.

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