About Find Dutch Ancestors

Find Dutch Ancestors is founded and owned by Marianne Timmerman. She is a professional genealogist of 30 years’ experience, as well as the Dutch archival system. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human and Social Studies,  and is currently reading towards a Master’s degree in History.

“With my expertise I can turn obscure bits of information into clues that make the picture of your family history clear and understandable. Apart from providing a wealth of information, I will save you a substantial amount of time.”

“One of my clients wanted to know more about her grandmother. She only knew very little about her, and searching the internet had not produced any results. With the few details she had, I found her grandmother’s full name, place and date of birth, names of her parents, when she had entered the Netherlands, where she worked and for whom, her passport numbers and even that she had been a model for an artist. And all that in a fraction of the time my client had spent on searching. Knowing where to look is paramount in research.”

Marianne, born and bred in the Netherlands, began looking into her own family history in the 1980’s. This involved research in Archives in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Surinam. 

Her work ethic is one of trust, security and confidentiality. She will check and double check the facts relating to your ancestors before she provides you with her results. This will really give you an insight into your family history.


Find Dutch Ancestors

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