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Have you been watching “Who Do You Think You Are”? And did you wonder perhaps who your Dutch ancestors might have been? How and where exactly in the Netherlands they lived? Have you ever wondered what happened in your family 200 years ago, or where your talents come from? What about that story that runs in the family? It would be wonderful if you could find out whether or not it was true or just the result of someone’s imagination. By linking history to your family we bring that history to life and make it much more interesting. Finding out who your ancestors are, is a very exciting journey of discovery through time. Discovering your past can be so exciting! Services

Find Dutch Ancestors can assist and bring your past to life. Services

An archive stores information about organisations and people, also about your ancestors. The Dutch archival system is extensive. It contains not only birth, baptism, marriage and death records, but also court records, deeds records, newspapers and much more. 

Being able to find your way around in an archive and finding as many documents about your ancestors as possible, is quite a challenge. Find Dutch Ancestors has the expertise and knows exactly where to search for information. We know how and where to find documents about your ancestors. We can transcribe old documents, translate and interpret them, and we will put it in the proper context for you.

Let your past be revealed through specialist research, contact Find Dutch Ancestors today.


Find Dutch Ancestors
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